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Gearing up for Spring

Much is happening here at the Daly Mansion.  Plans are being made to get the arboretum and the Mansion in tip top shape for touring guests, we are preparing to host The Montana Weavers Association’s Montana Treasures Show, the trees are tapped for our famous Mansion syrup, and Daly artifacts such as original art work are coming back to the Mansion for exhibit.  Come join us as a volunteer and/or a guest!

April Johnson-Managing Director


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Recently I had the good fortune to be contacted by Jennifer Ogden at Victor School – she and her art class are working on a fascinating project, dubbed ‘Heyday’ by one of the students. It is a depiction of the making of a photograph, back around the 1890’s, of Marcus Daly’s stable and jockey crew from his world famous Thoroughbred breeding and training operation at the Bitterroot Stock Farm. What intrigues me most about this project, is that concept of a heyday. All that went into the building, the buying, the remodeling, the planting of shade trees and crops, and creation of the enormous enterprise that was the Bitterroot Stock Farm is epitomized in this fleeting image that the students are brilliantly transforming onto panels, for ultimate display at the Fairgrounds.  Marcus Daly’s true passion flowered for just a limited time before his early demise, and over the scope of his whole amazing career, this glorious operation of the elaborate horse farm was the heyday. The students are changing up the image in their own ways, even including Mr. Daly himself in the painting, which is stupendous. He was not quite finished on the day I was there, and I was so curious to see the look in Mr. Daly’s eyes, which were not painted yet. I bet they would be twinkling with delight, though that sounds hard to capture. We will have to see the unveiling at the Fairgrounds – I can’t wait!

Student artists in the studio with the panels

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